Happy Wheels



About Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a side two-dimensional game in which the player must race to the end of the level in a crazy fashion, such as riding a bike or wheelchair. The game challenges users to keep their mode of transportation balanced as they hit slopes, bumps, and ramps attempting to survive until the end of the level without toppling over. Happy Wheels is a happy go lucky nutty flash game in which players must rely on proper timing and skills with their keyboard to soldier on and weather the level until the very end in which they speedily launch themselves to the finish.

Happy Wheels Gameplay

Happy feet employs a simple system in which the player must navigate through the level utilizing the directional keys on the keyboard in order to reach the end of the level. The player must be careful in how fast they move themselves as the game is completely momentum based, meaning that if a player moves to fast they are prone to fall over after a ramp or a jump. Players who reach the end of the level clear the level and then can progress on to another level. Levels are themed, based on such movies as Indiana Jones. The themed levels add a fresh feel to the game that makes it accessible to a wide variety of people who will recognize and reminisce their favorite movies and pop culture within the game. Their are gaps and pitfalls the player must dodge as well as protecting the children or accompanied people within their mode of transportation, adding to the difficulty of the game itself.

Happy Wheels Tips and Tricks

In order to successfully complete each level it’s best to slowly observe the level on an initial run through so as to know what areas to accelerate or slowdown. By creating a mental image of the level a player is thus able to control their momentum and more easily travel through the level. Some areas of the level must be taken with care in order to not over accelerate and miss a jump. Navigating through the level is the purpose and key of the game and thus once a player grasps the controls and levels this process can be much easier for the user.

About the Happy Wheels Website

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